Introducing ArmBlock, also known as the ‘Lego block’ – a versatile and durable concrete mould designed to meet the diverse requirements of the local authority, landscape, construction, and leisure industries. These stackable concrete blocks offer a wide range of applications, from creating barriers and retaining walls to constructing storage bays. Each ArmBlock measures 1.5m x 60cm x 60cm (5ft x 2ft x 2ft). In instances where smaller blocks are needed, a simple divider can be inserted to split the mould into two parts.
ArmBlock sets itself apart with its unique location profile, ensuring that each stacking block mould is identical to the previous one. This guarantees a tight and robust result for every block produced. 
The mould itself consists of two parts, made of thick heavy-gauge steel, featuring 10 interlocking dimples. These two L-shaped steel pieces effortlessly fit together using a sliding catch pin, which can be easily released using a rubber mallet.
Experience the superior quality of ArmBlock – the premium concrete mould that delivers exceptional results. Its multi-purpose design makes it suitable for various landscape, construction, and local authority applications. These stackable blocks offer convenience and versatility, allowing you to create sturdy barriers, functional retaining walls, and efficient storage bays. Choose ArmBlock for reliable, high-quality concrete moulds that meet your project needs.
Experience the quick and easy process of using the ArmBlock mould. Simply place the mould on a sturdy steel or plastic base and apply the CRA3 release agent. Pour the concrete mixture into the mould, ensuring proper vibration to eliminate air pockets. Smooth the surface, and let it dry. In just 24 hours, your concrete block is ready!
For safe operation, once the concrete block has fully cured, remove the catch pin and move the L shapes away. To turn over the block, we recommend using a scissor lift block clamp or an equivalent lifting mechanism. This ensures secure handling and precise positioning.


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