Versatile Cement Silos: Storage Solutions for Various Applications

  • Extensive Range: In addition to our concrete batching plants, we offer a wide selection of cement silos, both horizontal and vertical, with storage capacities ranging from 50 to 3000 tons.

  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Our cement silos are not limited to concrete plants; they are also suitable for independent applications such as cement terminals, factories, and limestone powder stocking projects.

  • Tailored Solutions: Discover customizable options to meet your specific storage needs, ensuring efficiency and convenience for your operations.

  • Expert Guidance: Contact us today to explore our range of cement silos and find the perfect storage solution for your industry requirements.

Cement Silo 50

Cement silo 50

Welded Cement Silo 50

Cement silo

Cement Silo 75

cement silo 75

Cement Silo 100

cement silo 100


horizontal cement silo

*horizontal silo provided by Armcon will be a static unit

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