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Aftersales service and support are key focuses of Armcon as we understand the necessity for your equipment to be operational. That’s why we build lasting relationships with our customers in order to find the right product for you, get to know your business and help you to continue to get the best from your mixers throughout their lifespan in order to keep them in optimum condition.


A calibration is the process of determining the rate at which the various materials stored on your volumetric mixer are delivered. This is done with calibrated, specialist weighing equipment and the data is then processed by our engineers to create a batch sheet, which contains the machine settings for all of your required mix designs. A yield test is also performed as part of this process, which confirms that your mix designs accurately match the amount of concrete actually being delivered.


The process of repairing, restoring and upgrading a used volumetric concrete mixer to its original working condition or better. This may include replacing or repairing damaged components, upgrading the technology, and installing new features to improve the mixer’s functionality and efficiency.


UK-wide mobile engineering service through our highly skilled and trained mobile engineers. Whether it’s routine maintenance, urgent repairs, or precise calibrations, Armcons got you covered and will ensure your mixer has minimal downtime.


Drive-in repairs and maintenance services for volumetric concrete mixers offer solutions to keep your mixer in optimal condition. Our experienced technicians diagnose and repair hydraulic, electrical, and other issues, while also performing regular maintenance tasks. Bring your mixer to our facility for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective service.

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