ArmBlock, commonly known as ‘Lego block’ is a multi-purpose, interlocking block mould that can satisfy requirements in local authority, landscape, construction and leisure industry applications. The stackable concrete blocks can be used to create barriers, retaining walls or storage bays. Armblock produces a 1.5m x 60cm x 60cm (5ft x 2ft x 2ft) block, however if smaller blocks are required, a simple divider can be placed to split the mould into two parts.

ArmBlock uses a unique location profile to ensure each stacking block mould is identical to the previous one, providing a tight and robust result for every block produced. The mould is a two-part, thick heavy-gauge steel mould with 10 interlocking dimples.  The two L-shaped steel pieces fit together using a sliding catch pin, easily released using a rubber mallet.

The process is easy; place the ArmBlock mould on a steel or plastic base and apply the release agent. Pour, vibrate, smooth, dry and it’s done in 24 hours! In order to operate safely, once cured, the catch pin is removed and the L shapes moved away, the concrete block must be turned over using a scissor lift block clamp or equivalent.