Who better to deliver the precision and quality of mixer parts for your Armcon volumetric mixer than Armcon? We have an intimate knowledge of your volumetric mixer and what it takes to create and maintain the ultimate volumetric mixer. Every one of the 3,000 components that typically makes up your Armcon mixer is the product of an incredible amount of consideration and expertise. With this in mind, it makes sense to replace like for like and ensure you optimise the performance and longevity of your volumetric mixer.

With over 20 years of servicing and supplying parts to our customers, we fully recognise and understand the unrecovered costs of downtime and the necessity to have your mixer up and running to generate revenues as soon as possible. That’s why we’re committed to having the largest parts inventory in the industry for both stationary and mobile volumetric mixers, with over £1m worth of premium parts at our 100,000sq. ft facility in Cheshire.

Our parts specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of volumetric mixers and we use this to ensure our customers get the right parts at the right time, the first time. To further enhance our commitment to superior customer service, we offer a rapid response parts supply service, dedicated to maximising equipment accessibility and optimising operational performance.

At Armcon, not only do we offer a comprehensive range of genuine parts for our own product range, but we have worked with selected suppliers in order to produce a variety of premium parts for other volumetric concrete mixer manufacturers, including Reimer, Omega Roadmaster, Bay Lynx and CemenTech.


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