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A calibration is the process of determining the rate at which the various materials stored on your volumetric mixer are delivered. This is done with calibrated, specialist weighing equipment and the data is then processed by our engineers to create a batch sheet, which contains the machine settings for all of your required mix designs. A yield test is also performed as part of this process, which confirms that your mix designs accurately match the amount of concrete actually being delivered.

Regular calibrations are crucial to ensure that you know exactly how much of each material is being used, and that the amount of concrete being delivered is accurate. Without a calibration there is the potential to over-deliver and under-charge costly materials such as cement, and even to deliver more concrete than you have charged for and reduce your profit margin. It is also possible to under-deliver concrete, or to fail to achieve the required compressive strength, all of which damages your reputation – getting it right is of paramount importance.

Armcon have the industry’s most experienced mobile service engineers and a team of concrete technologists to back them up, to ensure that our calibrations are performed to the highest standards. We offer a range of options to suit all needs, including QSRMC compliant calibrations for customers operating to Quality Schemes. Our service doesn’t stop there, we’re available year-round to offer advice with mix designs and machine operation to help keep your business running smoothly.