Having first introduced the volumetric mixer to the UK market, 2018 witnessed the start of a new era for Armcon with the production of its own mixer. With over 20 years experience of supplying and supporting volumetric mixers, Armcon were keen to advance concrete delivery and set about designing and producing the first British volumetric mixer which resulted in the introduction of the AM4/5 models.

These models offer the following specification :

• A divided 11m³ aggregate bin
• Heavy duty 24” vanner-edged material conveyor
• Dual speed
• Self-cleaning
• Cement meter
• Auger 12” x 9ft with IBS bearing system
• 360º swivel chute
• 2,200L water tank
• Automatic and programmable vibrators
• Armwatch system

The Armwatch system, installed to all existing AM4 and AM5 models, included the following capabilities: recording details of concrete deliveries, storing up to 50 mixes, GPS tracking, online platform for viewing batch records and exporting data, remote download of new setting and mix designs and on-board diagnostics screen.

Having launched the Duralight mixer in 2019 our continuous improvement programme has resulted in the development of a new Armwatch system with even greater functionality and ease of use and this will be fitted to all new models.